About Us

Alexander Technique Education Inc. (ATE) is a professional society founded in 2002 by Alexander Teachers who adhere to, and promote, the original teaching method of Frederick Matthias Alexander.

ATE's membership includes teachers who assisted Mr Alexander in London from the mid-1930s and continued to direct his Teacher Training Course after he died in 1955. Our senior members have extensive experience and undisputed stature within the profession world-wide.

The objective of ATE is to promote awareness of Alexander's Technique and to make it accessible to the whole community.

Our members offer a high standard of service at reasonable rates. Our fees are graduated to enable young people to afford lessons at an age when knowledge and understanding of the importance of Good Use will be a support throughout life.

Training Courses approved by ATE fulfil the most stringent requirements for accreditation world-wide, promoting the Alexander Technique as a unique form of self-development that restores good functioning and well-being through re-education of postural habit.