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Born to Sing

fontcontrolAn in-depth exploration of singing and the AlexanderTechnique by Ron Murdock


The Whispered Ah

the whispered ahFrom the video library, an explanation of the "Whispered Ah" with demonstrations by Ron Murdock. 


The Grim Leaner

the grim leanerAn exploration of leaning, balance and our interaction with gravity by Christine Ackers.


Sub-glottal air pressure

sub glottal Air PressureA video by professional singer Ron Murdock challenging the notion of sub-glottal air pressure and how it relates to singing.


Muscles and their response to Exercise

muscles and their red and White fibresAn exploration of the benefits of applying the Alexander Technique to achieve sustained health and fitness by Gerald Foley.


Sit Happens

User InterfaceThe process of learning how to sit without effort - an advanced skill for life by Christine Ackers.

Spirituality and the Alexander Technique

the alexander technique as a foundation for spiritual practiceHow the Alexander Technique can form the foundation of spiritual practice by Brian Tracey.



flecto sapiensOr "Could you Show me how to Bend?"Lerning good bending habits tp maximise our reflex responses and minimise the expenditure of energy in damaging movement.


Learning to learn

how to learnHow to learn tennis, cookery, piano and the Alexander Technique in six easy lessons by Christine Ackers.


Orthotics Paper - Body and Sole

orthoticsThe hidden and not-so-hidden dangers of resorting to the "quick fix" of orthotics and the long-term damage that will result.